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quake 3 arena: chains of darkness

Chains of Darkness is a small/medium sized gothic/medieval FFA map for vanilla Quake 3. Designed for around 4-8 players, it has good flow and the action is consistent throughout the entire level. The pace of the level varies from a wide open central atrium to rather tight underground tunnels, and a blending of everything in between. Full bot support is included; quite a bit of tweaking was done to ensure that the bots move through the level well and can grab all the weapons and items. If you're curious, you can get a second opinion over at ..::LvL.

Download Chains of Darkness

interstate '76: lost mines

I used to be a rather prolific mapper for the 1997 game Interstate '76 and its expansion Nitro Pack. This racing map, Lost Mines, was one of my better and more popular maps; it even managed to obtain the highest rating for a racing map at Lightfoot's Stolen Maps. You can also check out some of my other Interstate '76 maps on that site as well.

Download Lost Mines