arcade cabinet

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This is an arcade cabinet that I built from scratch. The body was built to the exact dimensions of an original Mortal Kombat cabinet. The arcade controls are from X-Arcade and the faux coin door on the front is from HAPP. The screen is a standard 29" television, with the sides cut down to fit inside the case. The speakers are two Blaupunkt car audio speakers connected directly to the audio out jacks on the television.

Internally, the system is powered by a Super Nintendo game console which is accessible through the coin door panel on the front. The controls are interfaced with the SNES by leads soldered directly onto circut boards pulled out of two SNES controllers. The interior of the cabinet is lit by three LED puck lights which provide plenty of light and give off no significant heat in the process.

Finished front
Finished angle
Inside control box
Inside cabinet top
Inside cabinet bottom